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The 5 Top Advantages of JCT Healthcare Technology

JCT has been a pioneer in assistive healthcare technology since its inception in 2002.

Initially focused on enhancing nurse call systems for Australian healthcare facilities, JCT expanded its expertise through strategic acquisitions, including a significant paging platform company.

This expansion paved the way for innovative nurse call and messaging systems that cater to diverse operational needs. In 2013, JCT entered the Assistive Technology sector, quickly establishing itself as a leader by developing custom technology solutions for the disability and independent living sectors.

The 5 Top Advantages of JCT Health Technology
  1. Exceptional Customer Service: JCT places a strong emphasis on customer service, continuously seeking methods to enhance the overall experience for its clients.


  1. Australian Heritage: Since its inception 23 years ago, JCT has been proudly Australian-owned and operated.


  1. Agility: We take pride in our capacity to swiftly create, change, modify, and adapt technology to meet our customers’ needs.


  1. Innovative IP Solutions: JCT stands as a global leader in IP Nurse Call Technology, showcasing our leadership in innovation.


  1. In-House Software Development: Our software development for the healthcare sector is conducted entirely in-house, ensuring tailored solutions and high-quality products.
Healthcare Solutions. | Assistive Technology JCT healthcare Technology | Hospital | Aged Care | Disability

JCT is at the forefront of healthcare technology in Australia, offering tailored solutions for dementia, hospital, disability, aged, and independent living care. With over 21 years of experience, JCT’s customizable nurse call systems and software solutions provide precise monitoring and sophisticated reporting to enhance care delivery.

Whether enhancing safety in dementia care, improving independence with assistive technologies, or streamlining operations in aged care facilities, JCT’s innovative systems meet diverse needs. Each solution is designed to offer security and efficiency, supporting carers and empowering patients.

Interested in elevating care standards with advanced technology?

Talk to us today to explore how JCT can help you deliver exceptional care.


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JCT has years of experience in designing healthcare communication software. Interface development, mobile platform design, and reporting products are key capabilities of our software development department.


Do your staff require specific alerts that are unique to your organisation’s type of care? JCT’s management engine has highly customisable clinical workflows and alerts. Whether it’s a door opening in the middle of the night or a more sophisticated configuration, your staff will know it happened with a JCT system.


Call reports have become a critical requirement of all healthcare providers in Australia. JCT’s enterprise software can deliver statistical reports to key members of your organisation at scheduled times Talk to us about how we can coordinate this service for you.


You can rely on our expert technical team for all your facility’s data networking requirements. We can provide you with these service’s regardless of the healthcare technology you have in place.


JCT services and maintains hospitals and aged care facilities throughout rural and metropolitan Australia. Talk to our experts about and we can offer the service and experience your organisation needs.