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Secure & Integrate

At JCT, we understand the critical importance of safety, security, and seamless communication in healthcare and assisted living environments. Our bespoke CCTV and access control systems are designed to complement our renowned Nurse Call and Assistive Technology solutions, offering an integrated approach to security and patient care.

Our Solution

CCTV Systems

High-Quality Surveillance for Enhanced Safety

Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems provide you with continuous, high-resolution video surveillance. Designed to enhance the safety of both patients and staff, our cameras can be monitored from any authorised device, ensuring staff can respond swiftly to any situation.

Real-Time Monitoring: Keep a vigilant eye on all areas of your facility, with the option for live feeds directly to mobile devices or central monitoring stations.
Event-Triggered Alerts: Advanced motion detection technology sends immediate alerts for any unauthorised activity, helping prevent residents or patients from exiting a building or potential security breaches before they occur.

JCT | Nurse Call | Assistive Technology

CCTV Systems

Sophisticated Entry Systems for Secure Access

Control who enters and exits your facility with our advanced access control solutions. From keycard systems to automatic doors, ensure that only authorised individuals can access sensitive areas, protecting your residents and staff.

Integration with Nurse Call Systems: Seamless integration with our Nurse Call solutions allows for emergency access and alerts, ensuring rapid response when it matters most.

Integration with Nurse Call and Assistive Technology

Our CCTV and access control systems are more than just security measures; they’re part of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to facilitate exceptional care and communication. Integration with our Nurse Call and Assistive Technology solutions ensures that staff can respond quickly to patient needs while maintaining the highest security standards.

Efficient Communication: Link access control events with nurse call alerts, streamlining staff movements and response times.

Why Choose JCT?

Comprehensive Solutions: From surveillance to secure access, and integrated nurse call systems, we offer a holistic approach to your facility’s needs.

Expert Installation and Support: Our team of experts will ensure your systems are installed seamlessly and provide ongoing support to keep your operations running smoothly.

Customised to Your Needs: Every facility is unique. We offer customisable solutions that address your specific challenges and requirements.

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JCT has years of experience in designing healthcare communication software. Interface development, mobile platform design, and reporting products are key capabilities of our software development department.


Do your staff require specific alerts that are unique to your organisation’s type of care? JCT’s management engine has highly customisable clinical workflows and alerts. Whether it’s a door opening in the middle of the night or a more sophisticated configuration, your staff will know it happened with a JCT system.


Call reports have become a critical requirement of all healthcare providers in Australia. JCT’s enterprise software can deliver statistical reports to key members of your organisation at scheduled times Talk to us about how we can coordinate this service for you.


You can rely on our expert technical team for all your facility’s data networking requirements. We can provide you with these service’s regardless of the healthcare technology you have in place.


JCT services and maintains hospitals and aged care facilities throughout rural and metropolitan Australia. Talk to our experts about and we can offer the service and experience your organisation needs.