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JCT Healthcare becomes approved NDIS Provider.

JCT Healthcare becomes approved NDIS Provider.

JCT Healthcare Pty Ltd (“JCT”), is pleased to announce that it has been approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as a registered provider of assistive technology.

JCT has been providing leading class assistive technology solutions to the Australian healthcare sector since 2013. Becoming a register NDIS provider was an essential, and natural step in JCT’s evolution.

JCT | Nurse Call | Assistive Technology

JCT Healthcare Technology is NDIS Approved.

JCT Healthcare Technology, an NDIS Approved Provider in Australia, offers an innovative range of assistive technology solutions designed to empower individuals living with disabilities. Their product suite, approved under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), includes advanced smart technology enabling users to control everyday items such as lights, blinds, air conditioning, and televisions through a user-friendly tablet.

The technology range extends to include essential accessories like bed mats and smart sensors, which are crucial in monitoring and detecting unusual behaviour, ensuring enhanced safety and well-being for users. This integration of smart technology into daily living aids in creating a more accessible and comfortable environment for those with disabilities.

JCT’s complete product range can be purchased using NDIS approved funding. JCT technology will be available under the Assistive Technology category with the intention to support people living with a disability.

The NDIS approval process can be conducted directly through JCT Healthcare or via an automated quotation process used by NDIS plan managers or self-managers. More importantly, JCT’s technology will now be available to participants that would once have not been able to access it.

JCT Health Technology is NDIS Approved.

The technology available to participants includes Smart Technology that allows residents to control everyday items such as lights, blinds, air conditioning, and TVs from a dedicated tablet, and sophisticated software that keeps residents in regular contact with family or staff.

A wide range of accessories including Bed mats, and Smart Sensors can be used to assist in detecting abnormal behavior.

If you would like assistance in navigating the assistive technology approval process, or to learn more about how assistive technology can help you, please contact our team.

Navigating the NDIS approval process can be complex, but JCT Healthcare Technology simplifies this for Australians. Whether you’re an NDIS plan manager or self-managing your plan, JCT provides a streamlined, automated quotation process, making it easier to access these vital technologies. Their commitment to making advanced assistive technology accessible to all NDIS participants reflects their dedication to improving the lives of people with disabilities in Australia.

For more information on how JCT Healthcare Technology’s range can assist you or to get guidance on the NDIS technology approval process, reach out to their expert team. Embracing these technologies can significantly enhance daily living, offering independence and improved quality of life for those with disabilities under the NDIS scheme in Australia.


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