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Nurse Call

JCT has a range of nurse call products depending on the type of installation, whether that be retrofitting an existing facility with our Wireless1000 series if cabling is not possible or our Digi3000 for a standard Nurse Call system or our premium PoE4000 series our real IP nurse call solution that gives clients the ability to integrate Assistive Technologies and clinical interfaces.

  1. Wireless1000 is a site wide fully supervised radio system that can either be used as a complementary system to the hardwired Digi3000 and PoE4000 nurse call systems or used by itself as a radio nurse call system. The radio transmitters include Fall sensors, Wrist transmitters, Radio call points and Underphones. (see JCT Wireless1000 catalogue for more information)
  2. Digi3000 provides customers with a low cost highly featured non talkback nurse call system that can either be used on existing wiring or a structured cabling system (see JCT Digi3000 catalogue for more information)
  3. PoE4000 is what we believe to be the world’s first “Real IP” Nurse call system that is powered through PoE switches. The system is unique in that each and every device has its own IP address (See JCT PoE4000 catalogue for more information)

Each of the above is driven by NuCAMS our web based messaging platform that can reside on a facilities local server or connecting multiple sites on the cloud through our global server.