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Aged Care Nurse Call

The biggest challenge for the Aged Care sector is to look at ways to stay profitable while still meeting the demands of their residents. Some facilities have found they can no longer operate to keep up with residents' demands while others have been acquired by big corporations.

JCT has recognised that the old way of doing business will not sustain care providers in the future. In early 2011, the JCT Board decided to embark on a 3-year R&D program that would eventuate in JCT releasing a new range of nurse call and messaging based systems. These new products provide clients with a range of options depending on their requirements and budgets.

JCT's solution now offers:

  • Enterprise software that provides organisations with multiple sites to connect back to a central cloud based server. Although the individual site can run independently, the enterprise software allows area managers and IT professionals to access each site and make changes or just view reports through a secure portal. Real time database backup also allows for offsite security of the nurse call database in the event the local machine fails. 
  • Our "Trade Secure" module allows organisations to register trades at each site that are familiar and preferred. If the preferred trade company is not available, you can register other companies so you have a choice who you use. The system helps to manage certifications of trade companies and their staff including the ability to send out reminders when certifications require renewing.
  • Our "Trade Time and Attendance" module allows trade staff to register when they get on site with a description of what work they performed. On registration a label is printed off with their details, picture and the area which they are working.
  • Our national call centre allows organisations to log service calls at which point JCT takes responsibility to ensure trade attendance and job completion. The Onsite "Trade Time and Attendance" module feeds back to the call centre to update the main jobs switchboard when the service call has been completed including details of what work was done during the service.

Please review the various nurse call systems that we offer that have been designed to suit all budgets and requirements.